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Trucks and Loads available throughout Europe

    Search for trucks and loads

With OFERTRANS you will find lorries and loads to meet your needs, whether they be general merchandise, cold storage, ADR, Tautliner trucks, Curtainsider lorries, refrigetated...

It will also manage your logistics better and your national, international or TIR dispatches.

    Search for Returns and freights

    ·  Complete loads and Trucks Exchange

    ·  Groupages, express, mini-TIR Exchange

    ·  Alerts system

    ·  Personalizable web site Example

    ·  Advertisement board and transport forum.

    Carriers, self-employed haulers and loaders

Loads exchange for:

·  carriers, forwarders, agencies and self-employed haulers

·  loaders and users of road transport

Independent Freight Exchange

We are independent, we do not charge commissions and we do not belong to any logistic operator, therefore we do not alter the market.

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